Electrifying full-stack.
About me
I'm a full-stack web developer from Poland. I like trying out new technologies and innovations, learning different programming languages brings me joy. I work mainly in React, Go and Node. Majority of my work is directed towards backend development. When I'm not programming web apps, I like to tinker with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, I'm also learning 3D modelling.
My previous work
My portfolio consists of:
  • hadro.de auto-parts ecommerce site,
  • TEX Polish-English learning app,
  • Converse. localized number system conversion app,
  • Gator localized interactive app for learning about the purpose of logic gates,
  • much more side-projects that aren't hosted anymore.
My goal

Since I'm still in school, I'd like to gain as much experience now, when I still have a lot of free time. If you have a project, business or platform idea contact me at me@terawatthour.dev and I'll put your thoughts into life.

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